Teachers’ Zone – Professional Development Tutorials

For teaching about HIV to have the most impact, educators need to feel confident and well informed about the subject matter. The video tutorials on this page, therefore, have been designed to complement the Staff Development section of the Subject Index which offers educators a quick tour of the resource. In order to build educators’ expertise and develop their knowledge and understanding of HIV most fully, it is recommended that these videos be watched before embarking on using this resource.


This preliminary tutorial offers an overview of the resource, its target audience and its key areas of learning. There are recommendations to download key documents before watching the other tutorials in the series.


This introductory tutorial encourages you to think carefully about the context in which you will be educating about HIV and how you might best prepare for this, including being aware of your school’s Sex and Relationship policy and Confidentiality policy.


This tutorial focuses on definitions of terminology and shows you, how interactive tasks are used to develop better knowledge and understanding of HIV. There is a particularly strong focus on building awareness of how HIV is transmitted and treated whilst recommending sensitive pedagogical approaches to this subject.


In this tutorial, there is emphasis placed upon the human stories behind the HIV statistics. Whilst exploring the global nature of the epidemic and the role of the United Nations in meeting the challenges it presents, you will also learn about key factors that impact on the spread of HIV worldwide, as well as groups of people that are particularly vulnerable to the virus in the UK.


This tutorial foregrounds the importance of adopting a sensitive approach to teaching about HIV and there is a reminder to download the teachers’ guidance before embarking on lessons. Stigma and prejudice are key issues that are explored alongside human rights concepts such as discrimination and the criminalisation of HIV transmission.


With a strong focus on English and citizenship, this tutorial sets out how you might approach the campaigning element of your HIV educational programming. Providing an overview of how the resource can support learners in constructing their awareness raising campaign, this tutorial will help you to consolidate young people’s learning in concrete outcomes.