This section includes a range of video interviews from the website. You can download these, and other media assets, to include in your own awareness raising HIV campaign.

Downloadable video interviews
Dr Mark Nelson defines 'safer sex'.
Julie Musonda presents her experience of living with HIV.
Dr Mark Nelson explains how HIV is transmitted.
Deborah Jack explains the nature of prejudice and stigma.
Kevin Osborne explains treatment as prevention.
Leigh Neal describes her experience of facing stigma due to her HIV status.
Rob Harrap describes his attitude to his HIV status.
Sir Nick Partridge OBE talks aboutdisclosure of HIV status.
Watching an HIV test.
Eunice Sinyemu describes the effects of disclosing one’s HIV status.
Caspar Thomson promotes early HIV testing.
Raoul Fransen describes thediscrimination he faced due to HIV.
Pamela Nash explains how MP's are involved in combatting HIV.
Maureen Ndwana describes discrimination she faced due to HIV.
Deborah Jack presents a global perspective on HIV.
Simon Bishop describes thediscrimination he faced due to HIV.
Silvia Petretti highlights the real people behind the statistics.
News report about criminalisation of HIV.
Francis Kaikumba explains the diverse nature of African communities.
Sir Nick Partridge on how campaigns have changed since the 1980s.
Downloadable video interviews
How HIV attacks the immune system Illustrations
We Were Here - Movie still 1
Precious - Poster 1
We Were Here - Movie still 2
Precious - Poster 2
'AIDS - Dont die of ignorance'Poster
Precious - Poster 3
1980's Terrence Higgins TrustPoster
Precious - Movie still 1
1980’s 'None of these will give youAIDS' poster
Precious - Movie still 2
'Is it safe' communion chaliceposter
'HIV is a virus' poster
'AIDS is everyone's problem'poster
'I have AIDS please hug me' poster
'Know your HIV status'poster
2015 Millenium development goalsPoster
'Its never just HIV' poster
Downloadable video interviews
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