Vulnerable groups

In the late 1980s and early 1990s when not much was understood about HIV, some people described it as a ‘gay disease’. HIV is not limited to any one group of people although there are key populations who are vulnerable to HIV.

This activity identifies some of the most vulnerable groups in order for you to think about how to target the impact of your awareness-raising campaign.

Watch Kevin Osborne, Senior HIV Adviser at the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), explain the different groups of people who are vulnerable to HIV.

Now look through the following list that shows some of the key populations that are vulnerable to HIV. To find out more about some of these groups, follow the video links.
Women & girls
Silvia Petretti, Positively UK
Young gay men & MSM
Tom Perry, Simon Blake & Rosemary Gillespie
Straight men, Prisoners & Injecting-drug users
Leigh Neal
Sex workers
Thierry Schaffauser, National Sex Workers Project (NSWP)
Africans living in the UK
Francis Kaikumba, African Health Policy Network
Africans living in the UK
Natika H. Halil, Tom Perry, Simon Blake & Rosemary Gillespie
People over 40
Julie Musonda, LASS
Dr Mark Nelson, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Using this information worksheet, and the knowledge you have learned from the interviews, talk with a partner about which vulnerable group you would be interested in targeting your campaign at, why and how you might best reach them?