A history

In this section, you will learn about the history of HIV specifically in the UK.

Watch Pamela Nash MP and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for HIV and AIDS describe her perception of HIV in the UK.

Now in pairs, explore this interactive timeline and try to identify 3 significant details you think everyone should know. Be ready to share this information with your class giving reasons for your choice.


For discussion

In order to help you choose the three most significant events from this timeline, watch this interview clip to see if you agree or disagree with the speakersí opinions and to help your formulate your own.

Find out more about the nature of the HIV epidemic in the UK.
How do the numbers of people living with HIV differ in different parts of the UK, eg, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales?
How might this information affect how you target your campaign?
For further information, look back at the interactive map A GLOBAL EPIDEMIC or go to www.hpa.org.uk/webc/HPAwebFile/HPAweb_C/1237970242135