What is criminalisation?

Criminalisation refers to cases where a person living with HIV is convicted by the police for transmitting or exposing another person to HIV. In England and Wales, if you know you are HIV positive and transmit HIV to another person, you could be prosecuted. In Scotland, a precedent has been set where if you know you are HIV positive, you could be prosecuted for 'exposing' someone to HIV even if they do not actually contract the virus.

What do you think is the difference between exposing someone to the virus and transmitting it?

In the UK there are two types of transmission that lawyers refer to when working out if someone might be guilty of breaking the law. These are:

Look at the definitions below and try to match them with the words you think they describe.

NATís guidelines about prosecutions for HIV transmission in the UK (available for you to download below) gives more detailed background information about this topic.