The scale of stigma

A recent National AIDS Trust (NAT) survey revealed that 69% of people feel there is still a great deal of stigma in the UK around HIV. This is partly because so many people still do not understand all the facts around HIV.

In 2009, more than 867 people living with HIV in the UK were asked about their experiences of stigma during the previous year. With a partner, make a guess to answer the following questions. When you have completed the quiz, reveal the answers and discuss the questions that follow.

For discussion

  • Why do you think some people feel shame and guilt about having HIV?
  • How do you think living with HIV can contribute to someoneís low self-esteem?
  • What do these statistics suggest about the people in the UK who do not experience stigma related to their HIV status?
  • What attitudes and beliefs underpin the stigma felt by people living with HIV?
  • How can we challenge the stigma surrounding HIV?

To find out more about how stigma can affect particular groups of people living with HIV, take a look at these following reports:
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