Prejudice and stigma are similar. You are probably familiar with the word PREJUDICE and this starter activity will help you to explore its meaning in a range of contexts including HIV.

The word PREJUDICE is made up of two parts:

In other words, to PRE-JUDGE is to form an opinion BEFORE you have knowledge. So, to have PREJUDICE is to form opinions on people or things before you actually know anything about them. PREJUDICE is strongly linked to IGNORANCE. PREJUDICE can also be forming an opinion based on someone else’s experience rather than your own knowledge and understanding.

Below are two columns showing lots of different groups in society. Currently everybody is in the left column for people who you think DO NOT experience prejudice in society. It is your task to examine each group and decide if they should remain there or be moved across to the ‘groups that I think DO experience prejudice’ column.

Now choose three of these groups that you think face the most prejudice.

  • Why did you select these groups?
  • What do you know and understand about the prejudice they face?
  • What sort of prejudice do you think people living with HIV might face?
  • How do you think we can challenge prejudice in society? Think of concrete, practical examples.