Hiding the Truth

The film Africa United tells the story of a group of Rwandan children who embark on a journey across seven African countries to the South African world cup.

Two central characters, Dudu and Beatrice have lost their parents to AIDS. During their journey, the group attempts to earn some money by donating blood at a local health centre and so they are all automatically tested for HIV. Dudu implies his test result is negative.

Later during their journey, Dudu falls ill, and is rushed to a local hospital. It becomes clear that he had not been entirely open earlier about his test result. The HIV medication he needs is not available for three days but Dudu doesn’t want to wait for the medicine, he wants to continue their journey.


For discussion

  • How would you describe the children’s reaction to Dudu’s disclosure of his HIV status?
  • What do you think about Dudu’s decision not to wait for the medication?
  • To what extent do you think this clip is a realistic representation of how people might react to hearing a friend disclose they have HIV? Explain your reasons.