STIGMA can and often leads to DISCRIMINATION.

DISCRIMINATION is an action that may result from stigma and can be found in many settings, such as the classroom, workplace, family and or clinic. People who live with HIV (PLHIV) are often discriminated against. This means they are treated unfairly and differently from others simply because of their HIV status.

According to National AIDS Trust (NAT), one in three people diagnosed with HIV have experienced HIV-related discrimination at some point.

Watch these people living with HIV describe their experiences.

Raoul Fransen
Co-Founder YoungPositives
Maureen Ndwana

For discussion

How do you think the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV might affect the choices people make? Think about the following issues:

  • To what extent might it stop someone going for an HIV test?
  • To what extent might it stop someone telling a friend, teacher or lover about their HIV status?
  • What could you do to challenge some of the stigma described in these clips?
  • How will you use these ideas in your campaign?