Welcome to Positive?
Awareness of and attitudes to HIV.

We hope this highly accessible teaching and learning tool will challenge you, engage you, and empower you. By working through the different sections of the website, on your own, with friends or under the direction of your teacher, you will deepen your understanding of the facts about HIV whilst increasing your awareness of its social impact.

Talk through the following questions with a friend. Try to be as honest as possible and be ready to feed back your ideas to others.

  • Do I hold stereotypes about people living with HIV? Where did I learn those attitudes?

  • How would I feel if I learned that someone in my family was HIV positive?

  • How do I view people who pay to have sex, and how do I view those who sell sex to them? Do I think of them similarly or differently, and on what basis have I formed my attitudes?

  • What are my attitudes towards some of the groups of people who are particularly vulnerable to HIV such as men who have sex with men, certain African communities, injecting drug users and sex workers?

  • What responsibility, if any, do I have to defend the dignity and rights of HIV-positive people?

  • Do I have any responsibility to get an HIV test myself?

  • If I am HIV positive, do I have a responsibility to tell my partners, even if we are practising safer sex and or using condoms?

  • What questions do I want to ask about HIV?

As you work through Positive? you will find answers to some of these questions and you might change your mind about certain opinions. Go on, find out more…

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