Treatment as prevention

There is now conclusive evidence showing that early uptake of highly active combination antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is a highly powerful tool for preventing transmission to sexual partners.

For this strategy to work, certain things need to happen:

  • People in all parts of the world need to be able to access the medication.
  • People need to be tested regularly to see if they have HIV so they can get the appropriate treatment, care and support as quickly as possible after diagnosis.
  • People living with HIV must take their medicines regularly and adhere to their treatment regime.

Which of the above points do you think will be the hardest to bring about and why?

Watch the following interviews with experts in the field of HIV treatment then discuss the topics raised.
Dr Mark Nelson
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
Kevin Osborne
Senior HIV Advisor, IPPF
Caspar Thomson
Executive Director, NAM
Dr Lynn Collins
Technical Advisor, Untited Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)