What is HIV and AIDS

HIV and AIDS are scientific terms. To understand what they actually mean we need to think in the language of science. Some of the words may be unfamiliar; others look like code: eg, CD4. Don't be put off by this.

Below are two tabs, one showing the definition for HIV and the other AIDS. Read these definitions a few times with a partner. You will see that some words are missing and these can be found in the word banks on the left. Choose which words you think fit and drag them across to make the paragraph complete. When you have finished, check your answers.

Now watch Kevin Osborne and Dr Mark Nelson talking about the difference between HIV and AIDS.
Dr Mark Nelson
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
Kevin Osborne
Senior HIV Advisor, IPPF

For another explanation of HIV, take a look at this animation.

(i) Choose three words from the paragraphs in the activity above that you have not come across before. With a partner, look these up in a dictionary to deepen your understanding of this topic.

(ii) Write up a definition of HIV and a definition of AIDS. Each definition should be only one sentence long. What do you understand are the main differences between HIV and AIDS? Keep your definitions safe as you will need to use them again later on.

(iii) What are the key factors in preventing HIV from developing into AIDS? For further information, take a look at: http://www.aidsmap.com/hiv-basics