Importance of early testing

If people living with HIV (PLHIV) are diagnosed early and adhere to their medication, they can enjoy healthy, full lives and have a normal life expectancy. As you watch the following clips, try to identify key phrases spoken by these experts that capture for you why early testing is so important.
Dr Iain Reeves
Consultant in HIV Medicine
Natika H. Halil
Director of Communication, Health & Wellbeing FPA UK
Caspar Thomson
Executive Director, NAM

Coming to terms with an HIV diagnosis and getting used to treatment can be very difficult, however, and people living with HIV will often need support from healthcare providers, friends and family, employers, support organizations and faith settings.

After watching all of the interviews on this page and the previous page, make a note of the ones most relevant and choose extracts for later use. For each video extract you have selected, try to give it a title phrase that summarizes its message.

For discussion

  • How important is this information about early HIV testing?
  • What stops young people from getting an HIV test?
  • How can people be encouraged to get a regular HIV test?

For details of sexual health clinics in your area check these links out:

This pdf fact sheet produced by NAT also provides some information about HIV testing.