How much do you know

The video opposite shows some common statements that many young people think are the ways HIV is transmitted. Some of them are correct; others are wrong. Familiarize yourself with these opinions as they will be used in the activity below.

Each of the statements in the above clip are represented by one of the colour coded avatars below. Click on the icon to reveal the statement then drag and drop it into the category: AGREE or DISAGREE. Talk through your answers with others in your class and make notes on your reasons. Do you want to move any around after your discussion?

Revisit the statements relating to oral sex: why can giving oral sex be risky if you have ulcers or cuts in the mouth but receiving oral sex has no risk?

During and after your discussion, make notes on common misconceptions among your classmates. You might want to use these later in your campaigning. Now compare your answers to this factsheet.

Now watch Dr Mark Nelson talk about what exactly we mean by ‘safer sex’. After viewing, go back through the activity above and see if there is anything you’d like to change.