How is HIV transmitted

HIV is transmitted through most but not all bodily fluids. Watch Dr Mark Nelson talk about the main routes of transmission.

Now, take a look at the types of bodily fluids below. What other words do you know for some of these bodily fluids? It’s important that we all understand exactly what we’re talking about!

Which one of these bodily fluid does NOT transmit HIV? Click to see if you’re right.

Now make a list of more bodily fluids that do not appear on the wall above. None of the fluids you will list transmit HIV. Keep a note of these as you may want to use them later if you want to let others know more about HIV. You can also compare your answers to this factsheet.

Once you have some idea of how the HIV might be transmitted from one person to another, in the next activity try to work out what things are risky and what things are not.