TV Advert

The ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ AIDS awareness-raising campaign was launched in 1987 with a national TV advert.

First, watch this advert and then watch the points of view of three experts who work in the field of HIV. After viewing, discuss with your partner the benefits and drawbacks of such a fearful campaign message.
David Stuart
Education, Training & Outreach Manager, Antidote
Simon Blake
Chief Executive, Brook Young People
Rosemary Gillespie
Chief Executive, Terence Higgins Trust
Paul Steinberg
Sexual Health Specialist & Writer

Prepare some questions to ask your family or teachers about their memories of the ‘Don’t Die of Ignorance’ campaign. If they didn’t live in the UK during this time, prepare questions about what they remember about HIV during the late 1980s. If they were too young to remember, find someone who does remember the late 1980s. For homework, undertake some research by asking these questions and making notes of the answers. Be ready to feedback your findings to your class next session.