Pulling it together

Now it’s time for you to collect together your ideas in order to start the production phase. Remember to go back through your notes to see what information you have gathered that can be best used to get your message home. Look through the RESOURCES section for downloadable media assets such as logos, images, posters and interviews with people living with HIV and experts in the field of HIV.

This is the PURPOSE of your campaign.
The three main areas to structure your ideas around are:

1. Stigma and Discrmination

2. Criminalisation of HIV

3. Early Testing

This is your TARGET AUDIENCE. This group might segment into sub-divisions. You need to know your audience as well as you can in order to tap into their interests, concerns, needs and hopes. A good campaign will be rooted in a sound understanding of its audience and should engage the people you are campaigning on behalf of. You might also want to share your campaign with influential people or organizations who work with or entertain your audience. Think laterally about who these people might be as you may want to include them in your messaging too.

This is mainly about the FORMAT of your campaign. As well as how you layout and structure your message, you might want to also think about other events and ways of making a difference that can highlight and draw attention to your campaign message. Such events might include:

  • inviting your local MP (or other high profile individual) to have an HIV test at a local sexual health clinic
  • inviting experts in law and HIV to debate the issues around criminalisation
  • screening a film with an HIV theme followed by a panel, discussion event
  • inviting a HIV positive speaker to address teachers and students

Remember that World AIDS day is December 1st each year so distributing condoms, red ribbons and organising an event on this day is a good way of raising awareness of the issues. Always keep a photographic (stills or moving image) record of any events that you hold. You can use these later to publicise your campaigning further.