Watch this clip extract, then with a partner, discuss the following questions.

  • Why do we need an HIV campaign?
  • What should we campaign about?
  • What other public information campaigns are there about HIV?
  • What influence does the media have on our view of HIV?

To stimulate your discussion, explore the links below which focus on experiences of some young people living with HIV.

Now watch Kevin Osborne, Deborah Jack and Dr Mark Nelson talk about key priorities
for campaigning today:

1. Stigma and Discrimination
2. Early Testing
3. Criminalisation

After watching, talk to your partner about the priority area of most interest to you explaining why you believe it is the most important.
Kevin Osborne
Senior HIV Advisor, IPPF
Simon Blake
Chief Executive, Brook Young People
Rosemary Gillespie
Chief Executive, Terence Higgins Trust
Dr Mark Nelson
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital