Format and distribution

Campaigns can be created in a range of formats and it is up to you how you structure yours for the maximum impact. Technology has radically changed the way we share information and the way campaigns are constructed nowadays.
Watch Paul Steinberg explain more.

In groups, talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the following formats:

  • poster
  • leaflet
  • website
  • blogsite with a photographic record of campaigning events
  • TV style advert (maximum three minutes)
  • radio style advert (maximum three minutes)
  • presentation slide show

Once you have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of the different formats listed above, decide for yourself which combination you will use for your campaign. Whichever you choose, you can brand your campaign with a LOGO. This is a unique design that can appear on all your materials, including letters and emails. It should be simple and visually communicate something about your campaign message.

Remember, that distribution of your campaign will be a key element of its success so you need to decide how and where different people within your target group will see your campaigning materials. For example, sharing on Facebook, Twitter, via email and through other social networking sites will be more important for some target groups than others so think carefully about which type of people access which types of media.

Download this PDF worksheet to help you organise your thoughts.